What do we, the Communists, stand for…?

Abolish private property.  The universe and all that belong in it are for all.  Given a chance, capitalist will sell the air you breath as a commodity.  What extra entitlement anyone has on water?  The world was there before you were born; it will exist too, after you.  So what’s the point in calling something “mine” for a tiny period in-between?

Abolish wage labour; abolish treatment of labour as a commodity.  Work done towards the benefit of mankind gives real sense of achievment.

Free and fair education and medical facilities for all.  What sin has been committed by a child by being born in a poorer family?  Why should she/he be denied the best education available?  Why should a hard-working bin-collector be denied from world-class medical facilities, just because he doesn’t have enough money in his pocket?  Why should a rich person’s life be more important than that of an ordinary housewife?

Fair  treatment for all; no discrimimination based on race, religion, colour, sex, bank balance or ethinicity.  Nothing more to eloborate there.

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