3rd July 2011

Ok, I said it – I was an armchair communist most of my life.  While ashamed to admit past lazy behaviour, I’m happy that I have taken this step – to contribute, what I can, towards “the dream”.

The dream of that time and place when and where an individual is not discriminated by his colour, profession, or his bank balance.  The dream of that society where people are not exploited of their sweat and time and life – on name of profit, patriotism, brand and money.

Will a day like that come?  Yes, I know for sure, it will come.  If not tomorrow, the day after.  It has to come;  it is the next step in the natural progression of human kind.  From barbarism, to primitive socialism to feudalism, via slavery to bourgeois to today’s mostly capitalist world.  Where else can our society go?

The destination is clear, but I am still looking for the best path.  Some of the travelers recommend a democratic-socialist way, but others say only a purely communist road will take us there.  While Marx and Engels provide theoretical assurance, Lenin, Che, and Fidel show the practical revolutionary ways to reach there.  When Mao Tse-Tung’s China proudly declares they are not behind anyone in this modern world, Ho Chi Minh’s Vietnam reminds us of the sacrifices and determination required to defend what was achieved.

While I am excited and eager to contribute towards the dream, I have my doubts and apprehensions.  Not whether the dream will be achieved, but on how to reach that time and world?  Will the present generation be able to see and feel that world?  Here I ask for your help – to join the discussion and to contribute your thoughts. The questions could be stupid or harsh or due to ignorance – but there is nothing harsher that knowing that while millions are lost on war and luxuries, on other side children die of hunger.

To reiterate, that dream day will come.  The day the sunshine will wake us from sleep and remind us that it is not a dream; that this is just another day the humanity was aspiring for centuries – that day when each of us know for sure that today no one will die of hunger; no one will be looking to exploit others to make his/her  pocket a bit bigger than their neighbours…

My idea of this blog is a bit different to normal blogs.  This is a living, breathing blog, which grows by your contributions towards the questions raised here.  A post will start with only with a few lines.  You will help to complete each post in a comprehensive way, so that one day it will be helpful for others walking our way.

A gentle reminder – we are dreamers of an ideal world.  While arguments are welcome, abuses and personal remarks are not.  If you do not agree with the discussions please express it in an intelligent and thought-provoking way.  We don’t have time and energy to waste on abuses and fight calls.

Let me say again.. that day will come!


1 thought on “About”

  1. Amrit pal singh said:

    Hello every one and shaji, here i’hv a question that the world you are dreaming about can be divided on the basis of religion ? If it can not be than i thought there must be single religion all over world. I’m not joking or confusing any one but unless and untill we never take HUMANITY” as single religion of world it dream what we all are dreaming continously can never be achived or become a reality.
    But apart from it here the thing come how can we make humanity a single religion of world, so answer is that first of all we all must accept it and walk over it by own.
    Think over it.

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